Global Methodist Church North Carolina Provisional Annual Conference


President Pro Tempore - David Banks

Vice President Pro Tempore - Kari Howard

Members of the Cabinet of Presiding Elders

Presiding Elder - Chris Aydlett

Presiding Elder - Richard Booker

Presiding Elder - Parker Coppock

Presiding Elder - Greg Jenks

Presiding Elder - David King

Presiding Elder - Matt Seals

Presiding Elder - Connie Stutts

Presiding Elder - Gil Wise

Transitional Episcopacy Committee

Chair - Jerry Lewis

Board of Ministry

Chair - Karl Neuschaefer

Finance Administration, Pensions & Benefits

Chair -

Vice Chair - Scott Dodson

Lay Ministry Leaders

Co-Chair - Kim King


Leadership Committee

Chair - David Banks

GMC NC Organizer

Jerry Lewis

Other Members

Easton Brinkley

Dalma Cribb

Paul Kane

Ann King

Herbert Lowry

Mack Parker

Tim Reaves

Branson Sheets

Steve Smith

Eric Steimel

Ken Walker

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